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Choosing the Best Online Lecture App

Choosing the best Online Lecture app

Choosing the best Online Lecture app – Most campuses in many countries today are implementing long-distance classes following the government’s individual policy on social distancing.

In this lecture period, all the activities of lectures are done online (in the network), or more popular with the term online lectures.

However, currently not all campuses have an e-learning system as a lecture. Then what is the solution? The solution is that lecturers can take advantage of online lecturing applications that are widely available on the Internet.

Choosing the best Online Lecture app

Some applications have quite adequate features as a means of online lectures. Not only the material is given, but there are also features of discussion, student attendance, and assessment.

Here’s a list of the best apps you can use as an online lecture medium:

Google Classroom

Google Classroom has a complete feature for online lectures. With this application, a lecturer can easily create classes, see attendance, distribute tasks, and give value to students.

The comments feature is also available as a means of discussions in the classes that have been created.

Google Classroom can be accessed on a computer or smartphone by first installing the app in Playstore.


Choosing the best Online Lecture app

Edmodo is an online lecturing app that not only connects students and lecturers, but also parents. Lecturers and students can share notes, documents and links. Lecturers can also easily submit tasks, events and warnings.

Not only so, with Edmodo, lecturers can check the student’s level of understanding, as well as reward their achievements or activities. Parents can also monitor their children’s course activities through the application.


With Moodle, it allows students to enter into a digital classroom and access all lecture materials provided by the lecturers.

This one, also makes it easy for lecturers to create assignments, distribute materials, and more.

That’s the list of the best Online lectures apps you can try.

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