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Choosing the Right Homeschooling Method

Choosing the right homeschooling method

Choosing the Right Homeschooling Method – For some people, homeschooling is described by the atmosphere of one or two children learning, while the father and mother are close to him. The picture is not entirely correct.

In homeschooling education, there are many methods to choose from, which will determine what kind of curriculum and teaching style that accompanies it.

Here I submit some popular homeschooling methods, which you can choose for your child.

Charlotte Mason Method

Charlotte Mason has been known as the founder of the homeschooling movement. Mason is eager to lay the foundation for an effective and complete homeschooling program that is both fun and educational.

This one method focuses on all core subjects with an emphasis on fine arts, classical literature, poetry, classical music and crafts. He uses various books from literary classics, which he calls ‘The Book of Life’. According to him, this method encourages the awareness of vibrant literature, the child reads daily from ‘The Book of Life’.

After that, the child is asked to tell what he has heard. This process begins at the age of six years, then at the age of ten the child is expected to be able to write a narrative in his book.

In addition, Mason also advocates the use of ‘Nature Diaries’. After the child gets a short and interesting lesson, the child is then asked to go outside to observe nature.

Thus, children will also have an attitude of respect for their environment. Mason believes that this is the development of good character and behavior, and is important for the complete development of the child’s personality.

Eclectic Homeschooling

Eclectic Homeschooling is a mixture of various homeschooling techniques. Here, parents have the freedom to innovate and make the best kurikulu for their children.

Such parents will continue to look for the best product to meet the needs of their homeschoolers. Improvement of the curriculum, meaning that the basic curriculum was made before.

Parents are then given the freedom to make changes in the curriculum to accommodate the individual needs and interests of their children.

The temperament, gifts, learning styles, and children’s interests dictate the curriculum. In the eclectic program, children are invited to visit museums, libraries and factories.

Method of not attending school

John Holt, a public educator in Boston, was the first to implement this method. John Holt believes that children learn best when they are free to learn at their own pace and when they are guided by their own interests. The message is, the child is ‘not in school’.

This non-schooling method is a direct learning approach, where parents take definite cues from children. There is no definite curriculum, schedule or material. This method is the most unstructured method of various homeschooling techniques.

Montessori Method

The Montessori method starts in Italy. This method observes that children have acute sensitive periods, during which they undergo periods of strong concentration. During this phase, a child will repeat the activity until he gets self-satisfaction.

The Montessori method depends on an environment that is ready to facilitate learning. All learning materials used in this method are designed to satisfy the inner desires for the child’s spiritual development.

The materials used develop from simple to more complex.

Those are some methods of homeschooling. Whichever method you choose, the underlying factor is the flexibility and keen interest of your own child. Estuary that must be achieved is the child’s knowledge, to continue his education.

You have read Choosing the Right Homeschooling Method, hopefully useful.

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