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Higher Education, not Impossible

Higher Education, not Impossible

Higher Education, not Impossible – Your education is the greatest gift in your life. This expression is not excessive, because education, a person will have a useful value as a provision in living a life. Every man on this earth needs an education.

However, we know that not everyone has the same opportunity in obtaining an education. The factors are many, for those living in conflict areas, certainly a very difficult thing to obtain an education.

While we who live in a safe country, also can not necessarily get a decent education. The factor is the cost of education that is increasingly soaring. This condition, of course, will be difficult, especially for us with small income.

Gaining an education in college does require a considerable investment. Time and money definitely come out a lot to be able to earn a bachelor degree.

When I attended elementary school, my teacher always said that education is the most powerful provision to live life. There is no better provision than education. “If you are told to choose, between money and education, you will choose which one? ” said my teacher.

Some of my friends answered choosing the money, the reason is with money we can buy anything for the necessities of life. Wisely, my teacher explained that the most appropriate choice was to choose an education. Because with education, one can get a decent job, which will eventually earn money.

When I was an adult, I became increasingly aware and realized that my teachers ‘ counsel was small time, was true. Education is the main provision of human beings in life.

So, how can we be educated in higher education?

Above I’ve discussed a little, that some people have barriers in gaining higher education. Such barriers are cost. Is there no solution?

All the problems of life are certainly solutions. If you are currently working, why not set aside income to pursue a higher education? There is no word late to study.

In your country, the government may provide scholarships for citizens who wish to pursue higher education. Try to apply for a scholarship.

If you have confidence and a strong spirit, not impossible, you will gain many ways to get a higher education. So, keep the spirit!!


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